Frequently Asked Questions

About my order

No, you can checkout as a guest.

We are a small business and life gets in the way sometimes! Please allow 1-2 weeks for production before despatch and then 2-7 business days for standard Australia Post delivery. If you have selected Express Post, it should take 1-3 days for delivery after despatch. We will endeavour to get your order to you quicker than that if possible.

We offer FREE standard postage within Australia for orders over $20. For orders under $20, postage is $2.00. 
Postage is calculated at checkout for Express Post orders.

Yes! Postage costs are calculated at checkout and delivery times are dependent on location.

Please email us at immediately for our consideration. We cannot make any changes or cancellations if we have begun production.

Orders are delivered by Australia Post and their standard delivery times apply. Please contact us and we will let you know if it is on it’s way.

We only offer tracking for Express Post and International post.

As these are custom made orders, we do not offer returns or exchanges unless there is a fault so please choose carefully.
If there is a fault, please email us at within 2 weeks receiving your order along with your name, order number, a description of the fault and picture of the problem. We will assess the issue and advise if we will refund or replace the vinyl.

About vinyl labels

Our labels are made from premium-grade permanent self-adhesive vinyl sticker and when applied, they look almost like they are painted or printed on. They are durable for around 5 years as long as cared for as directed. They can be removed if needed by carefully peeling them off.

Vinyl labels can be adhered to almost any smooth, non-porous surface such as plastic, glass, metal, ceramic, primed canvas, varnished or painted wood, walls, the list goes on. If you’re not sure, shoot us an email at and we will let you know.

Step 1. Prep the area by cleaning it with an alcohol swab or soap and water to remove any grease and allow to dry. If applying to bare wood, ignore this step, but ensure it is clean and dry.

Step 2. Place the decal on a flat surface right way up. Using a credit card, squeegee , rub the surface of the clear transfer tape to ensure it is sticking to the vinyl for ease of removal off the paper backing.

Step 3. Turn the decal over and carefully peel off the paper backing at an angle. If the vinyl is sticking to the paper, replace the paper slowly and repeat Step 2.

Step 4. Carefully position the decal on the prepped surface and rub the vinyl firmly so it adheres well.

Step 5. Slowly peel off the transfer tape at an angle, being careful not to pull the decal off the surface. If the vinyl decal is starting to lift, repeat Step 4.

Some small or thin letters can be difficult to remove. Carefully use your nail or the end of a small knife to pick it off the paper backing. We recommend taking your time. If you need any help, please email us

It can be tricky to apply on certain surfaces. Carefully pick a corner of the vinyl off the transfer tape and apply from there. Take your time and if you need any help, please email us

About iron-on transfers and decals

Both use heat to transfer the image/decal on to fabric.

Iron-on transfer has an image which has been printed on with an ink-jet printer. Heat and pressure will transfer the image onto fabric.

Iron-on vinyl is a single colour decal, like a vinyl decal sticker.

Iron-on transfers can only be applied on to frabric.

Iron-on vinyl can be applied to fabric and also some surfaces like metal drink bottles, some wooden surfaces, paper/card, leather, some acrylic surfaces, glass, ceramic and probably other surfaces with some care! Because it is being applied with heat, it may last longer than vinyl sticker decals.

The key is heat and pressure! Never use an ironing board because it may collapse when you are pressing down on the surface. We recommend using a clean wooden chopping board covered with a pillow case on a stable surface like a table or bench.

Iron-on vinyl should be applied with an iron on “wool” setting. Iron-on transfer on “cotton-linen” setting.


Step 1. Iron garment to remove any creases and moisture.

Step 2 (for vinyl decal). Position decal on onesie shiny side up. We recommend placing baking paper or thin cloth over the decal.

Step 3 Using the iron on “wool” setting, apply firm pressure for 15-20 seconds. Lift up iron and reposition if required. Ensure firm pressure is used. Metallic colour may need a hotter setting.

Step 4 Wait up to 10 seconds and peel cool. Carefully remove the clear plastic, peeling away from a corner. Check if the decal has lifted at the corner and repeat step 3 if needed.


Step 1. Iron garment to remove any creases and moisture.

Step 2. Position decal on garment image side down. We recommend placing a large sheet of baking paper or thin cloth over the decal.

Step 3. Using the iron on “cotton” setting, apply firm pressure for
20 seconds. Lift up iron and reposition a sixth-turn for another 15 seconds. Repeat full circle. Ensure firm pressure is used.

Step 4 Wait up to 5 seconds and peel hot. Carefully peel away a corner to check if the decal has applied. Repeat step 3 if needed. Peel off backing paper on a quick, smooth motion.

Yes! You should wait at least 24 hours before washing. Turn the garment inside-out and wash cold. Do not bleach, dry clean, tumble dry or iron the vinyl or transfer.